Q1 2018»

We welcome the new customer Pilotfish!


Q1 2017»

One of our key konsultants was hired by customer. We congratulate them both and seek new stars to join us!


April 2015»

Awarded by eWork for best consultant of the quarter!











Jan 2015»

Contract extended with a major mobile operator!










"Nihil impossibile est" (Nothing is impossible)

iZee Solutions provides consultant services in Project and Product Management, Staff Management, Account Management and Technical Development. Our main knowledge is in the area of IT/Telecom and IoT Industry but we are not afraid of getting into new Why not challenge us!


All of our Consultants have one thing in common... a "Nothing is impossible" attitude.



  • Our aim is to provide consultants "thinking outside of the box", to provide high quality instead of quantity
  • Our focus is to provide consultants with a strong profile, people that are...

- not afraid of taking command

- not afraid of making decisions

- committed to a goal, no matter what

...but still with a humble approach.


  • Our goal is to create long term relationships with our customers

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